Red China’s green crisis


Chinese environmental activists have a difficult relationship with a government that both represses and relies on them to pressure local authorities into preventative or clean-up action.

Security for Sale : The price we pay to protect Europeans

The Correspondent - 2017

The European Union has deep pockets when it comes to security. We’ve worked with twenty journalists in eleven countries to investigate this burgeoning sector. We discovered that the European security industry is taking good care of itself – often at the expense of the public.

South Africa’s hospital train

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2014

Nelson Mandela will be remembered at every level, but not least for his ambitious programme to develop public infrastructure. Where that is not enough, a health train rolls around the country to serve areas that lack the simplest medical services

The Sochi Games - And Then What?

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2014

Chaos and corruption and ludicrous expenditure have created an Olympic ski resort complex at and near Russia’s Black Sea coast resort. They may also have wrecked its future.

African Odysseys Turn to the South

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2013

Fewer than 5% of African migrants now want to reach Europe or America. They’re looking instead to neighbouring countries, or the continent’s dreamland, South Africa. It’s a long, hard way there, and they may be no better off if they reach it.

Soda Pop Diplomacy

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2012

Sudan produces half the world’s supply, and the best quality, of gum arabic, which is almost as crucial to modern life as oil; it’s in every bottle of Coca-Cola for a start. Even fierce sanctions against Sudan didn’t apply to gum arabic supplies.

Coca-cola and Gum Arabic

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2012

The trade in gum arabic hides secrets about its most powerful client, Coca-Cola. When Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters tried to get a bill passed in 2007 to ban all trade in Sudanese gum arabic, assistants to members of Congress say they were approached by lobbyists representing the company.

Nectar of Allah

Geographical - 2007

Honey has a unique place in Islamic culture, and Yemen produces the rarest and most expensive honey in the world. Prized as a delicious, all-powerful medecine, beauty product and aphrodisiac, it is the subject of a thriving trade. Guillaume Pitron reports.

The City of Darkness

The Paris Times - 2006

Far from being the realm of the dead, Paris's catacombs play unofficial host to a thriving nightlife. From dusk to dawn, hundreds of ‘cataphiles’ take up residence and for these modern troglodytes, the underside of the capital is nothing but a gigantic playground. We paid them a visit.

Metro Line 2: Stay Home, Span the World

The Paris Times - 2006

To escape the grey monotony of the Parisian winter, Guillaume Pitron decided to travel around the world. He boarded on the No. 2 subway line and crossed the widest ethnic spectrum of the city.

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